Picking a Good Westerville Roofing Contractor is Essential

Your roof is only one component of a comprehensive structural system that was built to shield you and your loved ones from the worst that Mother Nature can throw at your home. In order to install a good roof, you need to know a lot about and have a lot of experience working with all of the different parts of construction. Changing out the roofing shingles on your home in Westerville, OH, won’t fix the underlying issues. Everything—ventilation, shingles, sheathing, and rafters—works together, and each component is important in its own right.

Before you choose a roofer to work on your roof, make sure to find out how much experience they have with the basic parts of building a roof. Whether you need a little patch fixed or an entirely new roof installed, this is an essential step to take. Rest Easy Roofing is an extension of McComas Builders, which is a family-owned business. We know how things are put together and how strong they are, and we use that knowledge along with our 18 years of experience in every roofing and gutter job.

What Makes Rest Easy Roofing Different?

We are each other’s neighbors, for starters. We have deep local roots because we are graduates of Big Walnut High School, company owners since 2004, and parents of children who are now enrolled in the local school system. We can get to know our clients better by taking part in community events like parades, festivals, and sports games. 


Our Westerville roofing company is built on the relationships we have with both our clients and their friends. You can’t hide from bad work or bad customer service. Not that we like that kind of thing, but doing things the right way is becoming more and more important.

Even though Central Ohio is seeing population growth, our family business has not forgotten the importance of a firm handshake and keeping one’s word. There will be no anonymous doorknockers or cold calls allowed. You are able to obtain assistance from the owners as well as from a staff that has been carefully selected and is committed to a higher level. Being part of a community is important, but one’s reputation is everything. After all, we share a common boundary.

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When you hire Rest Easy Roofing to take care of your home’s roofing needs in Westerville, Ohio, you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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