Tips for Your Next Roofing Replacement Project in Powell, OH

Your roofing system is just one piece of a structural system designed to protect you and your family in Powell, Ohio, from the worst Mother Nature can deliver. Knowledge of and familiarity with the different building components is vital during the installation of a quality roof. Just replacing the shingles won’t fix any hidden problems. Ventilation, sheathing, rafters… it all works together, and it all matters.

When considering which contractor you allow on your roof, be sure to ask about their experience with construction basics. This is equally important whether you need a repair or an entire roof replacement. As an extension of family-owned McComas Builders, we understand structure and strength, and we apply that knowledge and our 18 years of experience to every roofing and gutter project.

Preparing the Interior of Your Home

Preparing the inside of your house is an important part of replacing your roof. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Take down photos and mirrors. This project involves heavy material and significant foot traffic on the roof. The activity overhead can cause walls to vibrate. Removing these items will prevent possible damage. Treat delicate items on hutches or bookcases similarly.
  • Check out the attic. Directly below the action, the items in your attic are vulnerable to years of dust and debris kicked up during the installation process. While reputable roofers do their best to minimize the effects, precautions should be taken to protect valuables. It is advisable to move family heirlooms and irreplaceable items to a safe place while larger items should be covered with a tarp or blanket.
  • Don’t forget about Fido! The noise created by a roofing project sounds like a thunderstorm and affects many pets adversely. There are also unfamiliar vehicles, voices, and faces that may cause your pet to feel anxious or angry. If you believe this may be the case, consider asking someone to pet sit for the day.

Discover the Best Roofing Company in Powell Today!

The most important thing for a successful roofing replacement project in Powell, Ohio, is thorough preparation. Finding the appropriate roofing contractor, making a budget, getting your home ready, scheduling the replacement at a time that works for you, and researching the materials may help you get the most out of your roof replacement.

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