Lewis Center Roofing Tips for Winter Upkeep

Not every Lewis Center homeowner is aware of the issues that winter can cause with their roofing system. The region of the country we live in is vulnerable to extreme cold and blizzards. As a homeowner, you must safeguard your investment throughout the winter months. There are easy things to do before and after winter arrives.

Follow these steps we’ve compiled to better protect your home, loved ones, and your roof this winter!


Start protecting your roof in late summer or early fall. If you’re proactive with your roof, you can avoid major difficulties in the winter. Preventive maintenance saves time and money. Each year, execute these tasks to keep your home healthy and secure.

Clean Off the Roof Debris

Clean any debris on your roof before snow piles up on it.

A great deal of dirt, leaves, and other debris may accumulate on a roof during the hotter seasons of summer and fall. Before it freezes, remove all the debris from your roof. In the spring, melting snow won’t have anywhere to go if your gutters are full of leaves and trash. The roof may flood or have other issues.

Examine Attic Ventilation

Your attic needs ventilation in the summer and winter. Ice dam development is regulated by attic air circulation and ventilation. Inadequate ventilation can cause major harm. If your attic is too hot, ice may melt, causing leaks and flood risk. Air must travel effectively through your attic year-round.

Full Exam

By scheduling a roof checkup during the fall, you can remedy any damage before winter hits. In the winter, damaged shingles and faulty flashing may become major issues. Detecting them early makes treatment straightforward and economical. Make careful to detect these issues early with a test.


Before it snows, get your trees trimmed. Heavy snow can damage a branch if it falls on it. Branch falls can harm a home’s roof. The risk of falling branches and limbs onto your roof can be greatly reduced by taking preventative measures before the snow falls.

Throughout Winter

As we previously stated, getting a roof inspection in the fall is the way to go, but you should still remain cautious of your roof in the winter season. Even if certain elements are beyond your control, you may monitor your roof’s health to spot concerns early.

Quickly Clean Off the Snow

Winter roof damage is usually caused by snow. Clear snow quickly and thoroughly when it snows. Snow stresses your roof, even if it looks beautiful. Extra weight might cause the roof to collapse or exacerbate existing cracks or fractures.

No matter how much snow, it may be an issue for some homes. Snowmelt can cause dampness on your roof and around your shingles. This can cause severe ice jams.

Be Wary of Wind-Related Losses

Winter may be dangerous due to snow and wind. Check for wind damage after storms or severe gusts. After a winter windstorm, call a roofer if your roof is cracked, twisted, damaged, or gone.

Call Your Local Lewis Center Roofing Contractor

As a qualified Lewis Center roofing contractor, we supply all the supplies you need for winter. In winter, your roof must endure rain, wind, snow, and ice. You can notice problems by watching your roof.

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