Sunbury Roofer Tips This Fall For Your Home

Do you enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature’s fall foliage show? The colors can be spectacular while the leaves hang on as long as they are able. Once these beauties lose their grip and begin to drop, they can cause serious problems if they are allowed to gather in your gutter system. Fall rains are tough enough on your roof and your foundation as the water backs up and overflows, but the troubles only compound when winter snows soon follow.

If you look at the situation now and take steps to fix any problems, you can avoid problems in the future. Here are some tips from your local Sunbury roofer, Rest Easy Roofing.

  1. Start the season with clean gutters. Don’t treat them as a nursery – you’ve seen the house with young maple trees growing from the gutter. Not only does the water cause damage above and below, but the weight of the organic material can tear gutters from the fascia of your home. Never hesitate to call professionals to help with this project; it’s better to be alive and cautious than cocky and crippled, or worse.
  2. Consider leaf protection. There are many brands and styles available; all are designed to keep debris from entering the gutter and clogging your downspout. Do a bit of homework if you consider this addition to your home.
  3. Cut back foliage or any tree limbs that hang in a position to damage your roof if they fall from old age or a storm. Even if the branches are not large enough to penetrate the roof, a heavy impact can loosen granules or tear shingles from the roof. Hire a professional if you are not comfortable, or able, to trim the tree yourself.

Your Sunbury Roofer is Here to Help

Cool mornings and bright, beautiful days lay ahead. Mark a day on your calendar and complete these simple tasks so you can enjoy the season without worry. If you’d like to schedule a free inspection with a GAF-certified Sunbury roofer, call the experts at Rest Easy Roofing.

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